Wednesday, June 3, 2009

VICCB 100 Years Centennial Celebration

Victoria Institution Cadet Corps Band Tattoo Night
31st May 2006

It was a great and memorable night for the Victorians (present and ex-es). The VICCB celebrated its 100 Years existence. All Victorians showed their excitement to celebrate the achievement of VI and VICCB specifically. Numerous of the ex-es attended to the event since batch 1960's up until now the present. It was another history made by The Victoria Institution after awarded as National Heritage last February.

Memang sgt teruja afta so long havent been in VI. "Now we are back". All the performances were great except all the dances thingy done by PJ Scootish Highland Dance. (its damn boring) haha. Other than that everything was great. And the best part was 'The Drumline Battle between VICCB and DC7 Indonesia'. As expected the VICCB had done their very good job and it was tremendously interesting with all the tricks and skills. Wohoaaa..congrats2!!!

Thanks to Rai, Borhan 'True-Vic' and Haziq utk dtg dan join Me, Madia and Ayuni. Haha. To all my fellow Victorians yg dtg tp xjumpe mlm tu, sori sgt2 sbb gelap and towards the end baru dpt jumpe few juniors. hoho. As usual afta that kitorg g lepak mkn. Tp x ley lama2 sbb Rai the next day dh start attachment. So overall the nite was great and again congrats to The VICCB!! "Give A Wise Man Instructions And He Will Be Yet Wiser"

p/s: still waiting for ayuni to send me all the pictures.

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