Monday, March 28, 2011

You Light Up My Life

Too much to say
Right in front of you
Face to face
It's more like a confession

But I just can't
The heart says No
I would rather keep silent
Than split it out

There are few things had been said
Not to you, but to people around
Idk whether it reaches you
Truly you're the best person I ever had

I just can't force myself into it
I've tried and I'm still trying
But I just don't know
I have no idea

You mean a lot to me
You cherish every single of my day
I love your existence
And I owe you a lot

No words can describe how much I value you
I just wanna say
Please love yourself more than u love others
You deserve better than this


heh. lawak! sila gelak!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


I would rather...

"I'd rather to be loved than to love"


"Love can sometimes be magic.

But magic can sometimes... just be an illusion."


last night i went to sleep around 430am.
then i woke up at 10am.
now it's 330 am and i'm still awake.
i just can't sleep!

that's it!!!

p/s: disturbed feeling please go away!!




Ada macam takde...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Today is the day

26th March 2011

it's Earth Hour!
words say too much, love comes in silence

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sinar fm

oraitt... mlm ni mal dgr Sinar fm. okay? =)

When I was young

Again. Mode: Browse Pictures.

Title: Leadership Course
Location: IIUM
Year: 2008


mode: sedang asyik browse gambar di dalam lappy. Lantas...

jika saya seorang public figure, konfemmm pic ni dh tersebar.oh btw it was taken years back.

p/s: michelle Melodi sila terjah dan bongkar! =)

oh Adam!

my 1st car. he's gone already. now i miss him. Adam pls take care of urself.

I heart HK

ok fine. si Cik Jah sorg ni pun bg aku t-shirt i heart HK.
thanks Ahmad Farhan Ab. Karim
-Awani journalist to be. Soon!!!

p/s: aku yg beria nk t-shirt, alih2 sume dpt. dorg xyah pun beria mintak.
aku rasa kurang kasih sayang disitu. Fine dumbass (_!_)

I'm a journalist I can be anywhere I want

Few months back i got a journalist t-shirt from Ash right after he went back from Gaza.
Few weeks ago, Aida gave me the same shirt in black version. Thanks.

from Ash

from Aida

Ashwad Ismail & Rohaida Mohd
Awani 501

p/s: masih belum terlambat to wish congrats to Awani team esp Ashwad Ismail for the awards in Anugerah Seri Angkasa.

Tiada Judul

it's weekend bebeh!

i have so much plan, tapi mcm malas. heh

p/s: i miss u. yes i do

Thursday, March 17, 2011


almost 12am
maka hendak ke kamar
nak tdo sudah
esok kerja

thank God it's Friday

p/s: hoping for the great weekend.

Macam Macam

blackberry home screen

wearing journalist t-shirt: thx Aida Mohd

Family: Angah and Teeta's Wedding

Wan Donnoe Zikri - Lama tidak ketemu

being 'vain' in the car

T.Ts - not in the pic: hadi, ejay, adira

khairi shukor - caption-less

during class hour - cam whoring. location: IIUM 2010

Borhan + Maria = Boria

my new VW golf.haha - Mr.Ean - genting partners

crazee.fara - true confession 'bontot berkerak'

that's it

No Time

it's been awhile
not give updates on my daily life
this blog can be considered as abandoned one
yes... abandoned

but i can help


i think i have found one
i have to ensure things will go smoothly
i won't repeat the same mistake
don't rush but just relax