Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Miss You

“To be your friend was all I ever wanted; to be your lover was all I ever dreamed.”

The Final

At last... I found u...
Now I am standing in front of you...
Look at you from top to bottom...
I've been looking for your for years (4+0.5)...
How can you be so difficult to reach??... sigh

Final exam is just around the corner...

The tension has become part of me when the final is approaching...
Now i am hibernating myself at the library alone...
Surrounded by the foreigners...

danngggg!!!! kepala sangat buntu... jam menunjukkan pukul 7mlm. I have to stop study. Kalau aku teruskan jugak, aku bole jadi gila. And yes final drives me Crazyy... daymnn...

To make this entry become more cheerful (wth), let me show you my final exam timetable.

27th Oct - International Marketing
28th Oct - Contemporary Economic Thought and Policy
31st Oct - History of Islamic Economic and Thought
01st Nov - Objective of Shariah
15th Nov - Issues in Islamic Economics

p/s: MSA be nice to me...please...!!!


Mixed up feelings... moody... exhausted... mental blocked... stressed... all these can be eliminated with... a simple hello from you!!!


I think I don't have to talk much about this unbelievable-weird-funny-act of my asshole (refers to KS). He just found his new interest: BLOGGING (since he is now officially unemployed). So below are some criticism of his new-baby-lame blog that need to be criticized. hahaha.. enjoyy!!!!!!!

presenting "a twist in my story" with tag line "a lil bit of my twisted life" -BIG WTF!!

fyi he loves reading blog with full english. (malay+english=rojak) is big No No!!

he claims himself as a fucking straight guy?? its so doubtful!!
i know him better than u do!!

'me'?? dude that is so adik-adik!! hahaha

and this is my asshole!!! hahaha

p/s: amacam??? bestt?????

Monday, October 18, 2010


i know that is certain.
nothing can change it.
decision has been made.
no one can influence you.
i have to accept it.
but please bear in mind.
i don't want to lose you.
no matter what happen.
you are always be in my heart.

M.S.A you have been the one for me.

imy 143

p.s: i miss the old you yet i'm looking forward to see the new you.
(with mind and paradigm changed)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


stupid+not matured+childish

that's me at the moment

Monday, October 11, 2010


Relieved + thanks =)

not everybody can give the same treatment.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy birthday Imal Part 2

a day after kakude's engagement!...

Dah lambat nak update tapi nak update gak! hahahaha... thanks kamu semua diatas so-called suprise birthday party. Malas nk hampakan semua orang yang dah bersiap bagai. Lalu terpaksa cancel dinner KDBM untuk sambut birthday party!

credit to Ateh guna kuasa memujuk+menipu!! aku still tuntut... mampos!!!!!

Thanks to Kakude, Ateh, Mas, Anis, Aiman, Shaira, Syukri and Eddy. Thanks for the surprise birthday party. Thanks for the perfume juga!

Thanks Nuts 'n' Milk =D