Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Other Boleyn Girl

Yesterday I watched a movie entitled "The Other Boleyn Girl" for second time. Previously I watched it in the cinema. It is a very interesting movie. Sumpah!! It's adaptation of a novel by the same name by British author Philippa Gregory.

It is a romanticized account of the life of the 16th century English court, Lady Mary Boleyn, who was the sister of Queen Anne Boleyn and one time mistress of King Henry VIII of England. I am not sure whether it is a true story or not. Some said it is historical fiction then they make it into a movie. The argument is still undertaking among the Historians.

Even that, it is still a very interesting movie. Try lah! It tells us about the Boleyn family and also the England's Royal Family. According to this movie, Queen Elizabeth II was a children of King Henry and Queen Anne. Anne was not a true Queen of England. She became a queen after Henry's wife (The True Queen of England) failed to give Henry a son.

These are some facts about the movie:

* Incorrectly regarded as goofs: Although Mary is referred to in the film as the younger sister, most historians today are convinced that she was the eldest girl. Her date of birth is circa 1499, while Anne is believed to have been born in the early 1500s (historians continually debate between 1501 and 1507). The book that the film is based on was written with Mary as the younger sister, so the film itself makes no mistake in this arrangement.

* Factual errors: Mary Boleyn's wedding scene takes place in late spring or early summer. She married William Carey in early February 1520, so the weather should be much bleaker, with snow.

* Factual errors: In the film, Mary Boleyn's first child is a boy. In reality, her first child was a girl, Catherine. Henry was born several years later.

* Anachronisms: When Anne makes her speech on the execution block, a painted metal drainpipe, with metal bands fixing it to the wall, is clearly visible behind her.

* Crew or equipment visible: When Henry is about to sleep with Mary the first time, his mic and wire dangle down as he takes off his shirt.

* Incorrectly regarded as goofs: Details of some historical characters and events have been changed to fit the dramatic narrative.

* Miscellaneous: Written at the very end of the credits is the message: "This is a work of fiction. The characters, incidents, and locations portrayed and the names herein are fictitious, and any similarity to or identification with the location, name, character or history of any person, product or entity is entirely coincidental and unintentional." However the novel and film are based on the true stories of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII with real people, historical events and locations that are also factual.

* Plot holes: SPOILER: In the end, Mary lives happily ever after with William Stafford. No one explains what happened to William Carey, who she married at the beginning of the film, but he actually died of the sweating sickness. The DVD version includes Carey's illness and death in the deleted scenes.

Let's compare the actors of The Other Boleyn Girl and their historical counterparts:

p/s: for UK lovers, don't forget to watch this movie!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Aktivit malam ni = Makan instead of Main!! haha

Hari ni kelas petang dh takde. Sbb dh nk final exam. Jadi aku bergegas balik sbb dh janji ngn si Borhan nk pergi karok...

kul 4 kitorg masuk, terserempak plak dgn 2 org pelachur yakni si Sarah n Farah.. melalak smpi kul 7..n terus balik rumah...

Sampai rumah, mcm tak percaya Mama tgh masak Mee Kari. Sangatlah pelik sbb dh bertahun2 Mama tak masak malam. Tiap2 hari makan kat luar.. (ni semua gara-gara isi rumah mmberontak nk makan Mee Kari malam2)..aku pun belasah Mee Kari..

Usha FB jap, usha blog then terus g tgk TV kat depan. Tgh tgk TV, aku terlelap...x boleh jadi sbb malam masih muda, tak main la tdo awal2...
Justify Full
Layan FB lagi ...tiba2 dpt call dr Sarah.. perbualannya mcm ni..

Sarah: Sayang...u tgh buat apa?? (dengan nada horny)
Imal: Takde buat apa. Layan FB je. Bosan..
Sarah: Sayang...rindu lah.. jom main..jom lah main.. (terbayang muka pervert sarah)
Imal: Hahaha (hanya tergelak sbb my brother ada kat sblh)
Sarah: Sayang!! u dgr tak I ckp ni..
Imal: I dengar..sabar lah k..
Sarah: Sayang jom makan Pecal Lele..
Imal: Haaa..???!! (aku bab bab Pecal Lele ni mmg laju je)
Imal: Siapa je join??
Sarah: Semua ada (yakni Sarah, Farah, Naj and Baby)
Sarah: Jom la sayang.. Pecal Lele lagi best kan dari main..
Imal: Err..ok ok!! Japgi I datang..
Sarah: U datang tau..jgn lupa..
Sarah: Sayang u..mwah!! jumpe sana k..
Imal: Ok (sambil terpinga-pinga)

Aku dh la baru lepas makan Mee Kari, mangkuk2 tu plak ajak Pecal Lele. Jadi... aku nk bersiap nk jumpa awek2 tu.. Hoho..

p/s: aihh...tercabar imanku sekejap. Tapi bab mkn tak dapet den nk nolong.. hahaha


haa... apa lagi. Make a move..!!!
Siapa??? Anda lah..!! Ye anda yg sedang membaca entry ini.
Tak payah nk senyumlah baca entry ni.
(korg mesti tahu siapa yang aku maksudkan dgn ANDA)

p/s: ALONG belikan ole-ole di Vietnam nnt ye. Time kasih!!

photo: credited to Nisa Shukor =)

Monday, October 26, 2009

You'll Never FCUK Alone

Cam cibai.. dtg jauh2 lepak tgk bola.. sekali.. mmg BEST!!
aku baru berangan esoknya nak g kelas pakai Jersey Man Utd
Si Farid ngn Khairi cam cibai, bakar2 mcm final league plak..
lepak la bro, sian dowh Liverpool dh byk game kalah..
Man Utd kasi can je tuh...

p/s: minyak rm20 dan air coke bernilai rm5 mmg x baloi... sighs

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Man Utd vs Liverpool

haha... jom p tgk ramai2..

hurm..kat mana???

The Castle

Layan shisha di Castle mmg best!! tak macam NZ.. =0

p/s: tenkiu Farid!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Malaysia's Hottest Music

Media Prima Radio Networks continues to give its nearest competitors a run for their money. Based on the latest results recorded by the Nielsen Radio Audience Measurement, S1, 2009, the three stations under MPRN; Hot FM, Fly FM and one FM have recorded a strong standing in their respective market.

Hot FM retains its position as the number one radio station for the under 34-year-old demographic for a second consecutive survey and dominates in major market centres; Klang Valley, Johor Bharu, Penang and Ipoh. Over 3.7 million listeners and counting, Hot FM has the number 1 breakfast show in Malaysia, Hot FM AM Krew hosted by Fara Fauzana and Faizal Ismail.

The combination of Kiran and AG aka Jawa Rangers on Hot FM Jam (drivetime) Anne and Ikhwan on Hot FM Zon (evening slot) and Leya and Tini on Menu Muzik proves to be winning formulas as all three shows are also the number one show in their respective time zone for the target age group of under 30 -year-olds.
Justify Full
Fly FM kicked off 2009 with the latest tagline – Malaysia’s Hottest Music. The growth of listenership has more than doubled since last year and Fly FM is now the overall number 2 English station with eight hundred thousand (800,000) listeners as recorded by Neilsen Media Research (NMR).

This 70% increase in listenership effectively translates to a jump in numbers on all time belts with breakfast (Fly FM Pagi Show) and drivetime (Fly FM Rush Hour) recording an increase of more than 100%. Fly FM Pagi Show (Breakfast) is the number 1 choice for age group 30-34 years old in english market. Meanwhile Fly FM Must have Music (10am-4pm) is the number 1 choice for those who are between 25-34 years old. The time spent listening (TSL) on Fly FM is also the highest at 6.4 hours which is far above its main competitor. With 80% of its listeners residing in the urban areas, Fly FM also records a stronger profile for household income of above RM3000 and for the combination of PMEBs, white collar workers and students.

Media Prima Radio Networks’ latest addition, One FM made its debut in February this year. After six weeks of being on-air, One FM managed to capture the Chinese market, winning over almost 300,000 listeners and is the number three Chinese station in the target age group of 15 – 29 year -olds. One FM also recorded a high ‘time spent listening’ (TSL) of 12.3 hours.

Ahmad Izham Omar, Head of Media Prima Radio Networks says, “I am excited with how our radio stations have made a huge impact in people’s lives. Each of our radio stations is growing every single day and our presence in the everyday lives of Malaysians can be strongly felt. None of this would have been possible if not for the dedication and creativity of our young and vibrant team at Hot FM, Fly FM and One FM. They are the ones that truly drive the stations forward and produce these great results. We have been having a meteoric rise so far, and I am confident that the best is still yet to come”.

Hot FM Nombor 1

Radio Hot FM Radio Nombor Satu di Malaysia

Tahniah buat Hot FM kerana berjaya telah menjadi radio nombor SATU di Malaysia!

Dalam jangkamasa yang singkat, Hot FM dan Fly FM telah membuktikan bahawa kehadiran mereka dalam bidang penyiaran radio telah berjaya mendominasi industri tersebut di Malaysia. Hasil kajian terbaru yang dijalankan oleh Nielsen Media Research jelas menunjukkan prestasi yang cukup memberangsangkan yang berjaya dicapai oleh stesen-stesen radio milik Rangkaian Radio Media Prima.


Hot FM telah merekodkan peningkatan pendengar secara konsisten dan kini merupakan stesen nombor 1 Malaysia *bagi pendengar secara purata, stesen nombor 1 untuk lingkungan bawah umur 34 tahun dan merupakan stesen nombor satu negara bagi pasaran di bandar-bandar utama secara terkumpul: KL/PJ, Johor Bahru, Pulau Pinang, Seberang Prai dan Ipoh. Menurut kajian terbaru yang dikeluarkan oleh Nielsen Media Research (NMR), Hot FM kini berjaya mencatatkan kenaikan pendengar dari 2.9 juta dalam tahun 2006 ke 4.3 juta pendengar.

Persaingan sihat dan ternyata sengit dikalangan radio tempatan akhirnya membuahkan hasil apabila Hot FM AM Krew (yang dihoskan oleh Penyampai Radio Popular Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 2007, Fara Fauzana & Faizal Ismail) kini program radio nombor 1 di Malaysia dengan mencatatkan jumlah kenaikan sebanyak 19% dari kajian yang lalu.

• Stsesn nombor satu secara keseluruhan bagi pendengar secara purata

• Stesen nombor satu bagi lingkungan umur bawah 34 tahun

• Hot FM AM KREW yang dihoskan oleh Penyampai Radio Popular ABP Berita Harian 2007, Faizal Ismail dan Fara Fauzana merupakan program radio nombor satu Malaysia

• Stesen nombor 1 untuk pasaran utama secara terkumpul: KL/PJ, Johor Bahru, Pulau Pinang, Seberang Prai dan Ipoh.

• Hot FM mencatat angka tertinggi untuk golongan isi rumah yang memiliki pendapatan terkumpul sebanyak RM5,000 sebulan ke atas berbanding radio pesaing

• Hot FM mencatat angka tertinggi bagi kumpulan sasaran pelajar serta pekerja kolar putih, berbanding pesaing utama.

• Hot FM mencatat jumlah “jangka masa mendengar” lebih tinggi berbanding pesaing terdekat, iaitu 10.4 jam.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nice Painting

This guy paints himself, no kidding, no trick photography he just paints himself...

Sehati Berdansa

untuk (3/5/10 undian) ke 32999 ;
Contoh : DANSA5 OSHIN KE 32999
Talian Tetap: Dail 13721/ 13723/ 13725/ 13730 untuk 1/ 3 /5 /10 undian & Tekan 7

p/s: ni je mampu aku buat. untuk vote aku pun sengkek. Lalu promote je la... hoho =0

cute meow

gila cute. nama meow yg notty ni adalah PRINCE.
rasa nk gomol2 je... grrrrr....

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Open House at Ween's crib

It was fun occasion. Best pergi open house rumah Ween sbb kami dpt bilik private only for us. All guest makan kat luar ditempat yang disediakan tapi kitorg dpt bilik private yang dalamnya terdapat sauna, karaoke dan tread meal Ween yang baru sampai few days back. Hoho.

from left: khairi, imal, masriana, ween, farhan and hadi

p/s: thanx Ween!!!! next year buat lagi kay.
Buat lagi byk stall... huhu

Tahniah Imal

Aku tak tahu kenapa aku boleh bangun awal pada jam 9.30pagi tatkala hari ini adalah hari Sabtu. 9.30 tu kira pagilah kot sebab hari Sabtu tambahan pula semalam aku balik rumah pukul 5 pagi.

Tahniah Imal!!!


aku dah mula mengantuk...

japgi nak sambung tido ar... hoho =0

Youth of Today

Ini bukan cerita baru atau fresh. Dah banyak orang baca karangan budak-budak sekolah yang mengarut. Saja nk post kat blog ni. Bawah ni adalah budak-budak sekarang punya kerja. Buat karangan cerita pun susah. Imaginasi mantap tapi mengarut banyak. Kesalahan ejaan pun berlambak, inikan pula tatabahasa.
Adeh apa nak jadi?? =)

Ihsan daripada Nisa Shukor

Friday, October 16, 2009

VI & CBN Prom Night 2009

We, the graduating form fives of the Victoria Institution of the year 2009 will be organizing a Graduation Night / Prom Night jointly with Convent Bukit Nanas. The event details are as follow.

Venue : Nikko Hotel
Date : 21st December
Time : 8PM till Late.

We are currently selling Victoria Institution car stickers at rm10 a piece to help raise funds for the prom. If you or your batch matches would be interested in purchasing said stickers from us, have another way we can raise funds please send a message to me on facebook or contact me on my cell number available below.

For those that are interested in sponsoring the event, I would like to request that you send me a message on facebook or on my e-mail so that I can provide you with the sponsorship package details.

We thank you for all the support you have given us prior to this and we hope that you provide continued support to us.

This event has no meddling from the school administration who have repeatedly disappointed many parties and is a student run event.

For more information, please contact one of the below,
Izzul Azrai : 017 - 390 1031
Mohd Haziq : 012 - 224 5535

Event Advisor :
Mohd Rashdan '96

Prom Night Committee Chairman:
Izzul Azrai


i hate this feeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am bad!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sunday 11th October 2009

Saturday 10th October 2009
Overnite bersama Wani dan rakan-rakan yg lain. Minyak yang diisi pada malam itu bernilai rm20. Berjaya dihabiskan pada malam itu juga. Lepak di Souled Out Sri Hartamas dan lepas tu aktivit ukur jalan mcm biasa (dh lama tak buat aktiviti ini) dan melepak ditempat biasa juga yakni Putrajaya. (ouh perjalanan ke Putrajaya sgt menyeramkam. Dari KL duk cerita2 hantu, sampai Putrajaya jalan sgt menyeramkan dan tiada lampu. Hal ini kerana kami masuk exit yang salah..hoho). Pelbagai aktiviti dibuat malam itu, antaranya ujian2 yg menyakitkan hati dan teka teki yang maha bodoh. Hoho. Lepak lepak dan lepak. Lantas balik sampai dirumah tepat 6.30 pagi. (perjalanan balik dr Putrajaya sgt lah lama sbb kene hantar Wani dan rakannya ke Damansara dulu then baru kami balik ke Ampang)

Tepat 8.39pagi, dapat call dari FRACK (ye Frack yakni nama sopan beliau adalah Farah Nadiah). Timekasih Frack sbb kejutkan aku. Janji ngn budak2 ni nk pergi melawat Cikgu Nahari Mastono Arukin pukul 8.30. Mana tidaknya, balik pun pukul 6.3o ada hati nk bangun kul 8 pagi dan bersiap? Hoho. Lantas MYvi merah An luncur mara ke rumah Cikgu Nahari ditemani oleh An, Frack dan Nurin Qasrina.

Cikgu pagi-pagi buta dah jamah nasi kat kitorg. Nasi org Kelantan katanya. Belasah je sbb lapar. Tak lama kemudian, gerak pergi amik Byda plak. Sbb plan afta that adalah ke rumah Dr. Muda Annuar Muhammad Zuljamal Osman. Huhu. Mamat ni baru balik daripada Indon. Org nk abis raya baru nak balik. Huhu. Enjoy kat rumah Nuar sbb Frack mcm biasa jadi badut. Hoho. Fira (tunang Nuar yang juga bakal Dr pun ada) Sweet sgt tgk Nuar ngn Fira kan Borhan???!! Note: Nurin jgn makan hati ye. Cerita lama usah dikenang. =)

Dalam pukul 2ptg balik dan tdo.... (dah malas nk taip) ciou...

Wani : Haa..cantik tak?? =)

Khairi : Sila berpuas hati dgn pic ini. hoho

p/s: terpaksa upload muka 2 manusia ini. Harap tiada komplen.. =0

Thursday, October 8, 2009


from the sun to the ground

words say too much

love comes in silence

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nice Video - Michael Jackson Medley

I found this video in my friend's blog (Wai Yee's blog). This video is awesome. Thought of sharing it to all of you.

It sang by a guy named Sam Tsui and the songs arrangement was done by Kurt Schneider. Cool huh??!!

This is fucking amazing right. The sound sounded like a group of choir. Together with Bass Tenor Soprano and Alto reverberation.

It reminds me of my choir group when I was in VI. Superb!!!

Good Job Brother!!

p/s: His voice was awesome!!

Not suitable for your viewing pleasure

For those of you who were waiting to see the next installation of Halloween on screens this week, prepare to be disappointed as the slasher-flick has now been deemed too violent and sexually explicit for gentle Malaysian audiences. Keep reading to find out which other films ended up getting the snip and why.

Below are several movies that are not suitable for your viewing. Some of them have been banned by The Malaysia's Government through Lembaga Penapisan Filem Malaysia.

Halloween 2

It looks like we won’t be seeing or watch Michael Myers cause havoc in Haddonfield this time round. Rob Zombie’s horror sequel to Halloween has been banned by the Lembaga Penapisan Filem Malaysia for being “too violent and containing sex scenes”. For some, this may come as a relief. It's about time someone finished off the dude in the hockey mask. We just never thought it'd be the local Film Censorship Board. It looks like a serial killer was no match for an expurgator. Still, with no blood, gore or violence on offer this Raya season, what are we supposed to do for entertainment? I guess there's always “Momok the Movie”.


Our dear countrymen got touchy when this film’s plot put a pretty male model on a course to assassinate "the prime minister of Malaysia." In Ben Stiller's cult fav, the world’s 2nd best male model, Derek Zoolander, is brainwashed and programmed to assist in a plot to keep the exploitation of child labour going in Malaysia, for the sake of the fashion industry. Zoolander was deemed unsuitable by our film censorship board despite it having minimal sex or violence. The film went on to become one of Stiller’s biggest hits and remains Malaysia's claim to fame amongst thick and uncultured Westerners. We have trouble deciding on whether it was the assassination plot or the child labour that did Zoolander in. Neither helped but we thank Hollywood for the dishonourable mention.

Bruno & Borat

This one doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Not only is Bruno incredibly blithe when it comes to losing his clothes but he is also arguably the campest character on screen. Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno was banned in the Ukraine on the grounds that the film had ‘unjustified’ showing of genitals and featured homosexual sex. Our film board didn't even bother explaining, sending Bruno the way of Borat. A few years earlier when a certain Kazak reporter took the world by storm through over the top sexual references and an overall disregard of political correctness, his worldwide success stopped short of our shores as the Lembaga Penapisan Filem axed Borat's entire movie. Perhaps Malaysians really aren’t ready to see two nude men wrestle each other but then again, who is? Still, it's a shame to deprive us all of the comedic genius that is Sacha Baron Cohen.

Brokeback Mountain

Homosexuality as subject matter really won't win you any favours with our local censorship board, despite what you might have heard. Ang Lee’s epic film about two gay cowboys was almost instantly given the red flag. It was a huge shame that Malaysians were forced to miss critically acclaimed performances by Jake Gyllenhaal and the late Heath Ledger, as well as the film's award winning cinematography. But its homosexual nuances were seen as unsuitable for our local audiences. Oscar winning or not, we prefer our cowboys dreary!


If you thought this children’s film about a sheep-herding pig seemed perfect harmless, think again. In 2005 the movie Babe was banned due to controversy over its title and subject matter not being “halal”. The similarity of the word ‘Babe’ to the Malay word for pig, ‘Babi’, was too close for comfort. Pigs (which are considered ‘haram’ animals) being portrayed in a positive light was frowned upon by local censors. Although this prevented the film from being shown on the big screen, the decision to ban the film altogether was overturned a year later, and it was released to video. It has subsequently been shown on TV here as well. That's another win for the know...guy.


This critically acclaimed film by Bollywood director Khalid Mohamed received a great response from all over the world and won numerous awards in India. However the subject matter strayed too far from the usual rolling-down-a-hill-and-dancing-around-a-tree-plot censors were used to seeing from Bollywood. The movie's backdrop and subject matter were deemed too sensitive for Malaysian viewers. According to local authorities, the portrayal of Muslim terrorists in the film would have offended Malaysians and hinged on the sentiments of the public. There might have been a little truth in that but we think the always delightful Hrithik Roshan would've probably smoothed over any sensitive areas explored in the film's plot. You gotta admit it, the man can dance!

The King & I

The 1956 musical about the lovable Anna and the King of Siam was initially banned in Malaysia. At the time of the film's release, Malaysia went along with Thailand's decision to ban it as the portrayals of the King as well as the Thai people were deemed offensive. Coincidentally, 1999's Anna and The King, was filmed in several parts of Malaysia (as Thailand still thought the subject matter wasn’t suitable for filming in the country) and the film became one of the biggest productions to have been filmed on our shores.

Well, despite being the film that probably launched Seth Rogen’s popularity into the stratosphere, this film checked all the boxes on the censorship list. “Pineapple Express” refers to a type of super marijuana that lands two guys into a whole lot of trouble. The rolling of super joints and scenes of unnecessary violence did not go down well with our Film Censorship Board, predictably. In a country where the 18 rating has four different flavours: 18SX (sex), 18SG (violence), 18 PA (politics) and 18PL (variety), Pineapple Express unfortunately pushed the boundary a little too far, in the eyes of local censors, even for an audience of adult Malaysians. Totally denied, dudes!

Pineapple Express

Well, despite being the film that probably launched Seth Rogen’s popularity into the stratosphere, this film checked all the boxes on the censorship list. “Pineapple Express” refers to a type of super marijuana that lands two guys into a whole lot of trouble. The rolling of super joints and scenes of unnecessary violence did not go down well with our Film Censorship Board, predictably. In a country where the 18 rating has four different flavours: 18SX (sex), 18SG (violence), 18 PA (politics) and 18PL (variety), Pineapple Express unfortunately pushed the boundary a little too far, in the eyes of local censors, even for an audience of adult Malaysians. Totally denied, dudes!

The Last Communist

This controversial documentary by local filmmaker Amir Muhammad was initially passed for local released but finally banned by the Home Ministry under the Film Censorship Act 1991, before it made it to a theatre near you. It is inspired by the leader of the former Malayan Communist Party, Chin Peng and is a semi-documentary cum musical. It debuted at the Berlin Film Festival and made its way to the Seattle International and London Film Festivals, receiving a good response from audiences throughout. The controversy though, was mostly on local shores where the film was never commercially released, despite it being a completely local production.

When it comes to our national history and heritage, the powers that be demand a great deal of restraint from filmmakers, writers and artists. It can often impede social progress but it has pushed many to be even more creative in camouflaging discourse. There are those too honest to hide beneath layers, who produce our most frank and upfront work. Work only made available to foreign eyes. As far as standards and practices go, that is a shame. Plus, how dangerous could a documentary/musical really be? (JS).

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Shafina Afzan

Happy Birthday to

Shafina Afzan Shamsul Bakri

May all your dreams come true sista!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

More Raya Pictures

Pictures time raya yang tidak di'upload' lagi... =)

From left: Acu (My aunt) Cousins (Affa and Nana)

From Left: Cousins (Awan, Aisyh, Imal and Yan)

Mama and Aisyh (with cousin and aunt)

Imal and Yan (cousins)

p/s: Haa.. Yan and Affa, sila lah collect pics anda disini ye. Malas nk tag di Facebook.