Thursday, October 22, 2009


Malaysia's Hottest Music

Media Prima Radio Networks continues to give its nearest competitors a run for their money. Based on the latest results recorded by the Nielsen Radio Audience Measurement, S1, 2009, the three stations under MPRN; Hot FM, Fly FM and one FM have recorded a strong standing in their respective market.

Hot FM retains its position as the number one radio station for the under 34-year-old demographic for a second consecutive survey and dominates in major market centres; Klang Valley, Johor Bharu, Penang and Ipoh. Over 3.7 million listeners and counting, Hot FM has the number 1 breakfast show in Malaysia, Hot FM AM Krew hosted by Fara Fauzana and Faizal Ismail.

The combination of Kiran and AG aka Jawa Rangers on Hot FM Jam (drivetime) Anne and Ikhwan on Hot FM Zon (evening slot) and Leya and Tini on Menu Muzik proves to be winning formulas as all three shows are also the number one show in their respective time zone for the target age group of under 30 -year-olds.
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Fly FM kicked off 2009 with the latest tagline – Malaysia’s Hottest Music. The growth of listenership has more than doubled since last year and Fly FM is now the overall number 2 English station with eight hundred thousand (800,000) listeners as recorded by Neilsen Media Research (NMR).

This 70% increase in listenership effectively translates to a jump in numbers on all time belts with breakfast (Fly FM Pagi Show) and drivetime (Fly FM Rush Hour) recording an increase of more than 100%. Fly FM Pagi Show (Breakfast) is the number 1 choice for age group 30-34 years old in english market. Meanwhile Fly FM Must have Music (10am-4pm) is the number 1 choice for those who are between 25-34 years old. The time spent listening (TSL) on Fly FM is also the highest at 6.4 hours which is far above its main competitor. With 80% of its listeners residing in the urban areas, Fly FM also records a stronger profile for household income of above RM3000 and for the combination of PMEBs, white collar workers and students.

Media Prima Radio Networks’ latest addition, One FM made its debut in February this year. After six weeks of being on-air, One FM managed to capture the Chinese market, winning over almost 300,000 listeners and is the number three Chinese station in the target age group of 15 – 29 year -olds. One FM also recorded a high ‘time spent listening’ (TSL) of 12.3 hours.

Ahmad Izham Omar, Head of Media Prima Radio Networks says, “I am excited with how our radio stations have made a huge impact in people’s lives. Each of our radio stations is growing every single day and our presence in the everyday lives of Malaysians can be strongly felt. None of this would have been possible if not for the dedication and creativity of our young and vibrant team at Hot FM, Fly FM and One FM. They are the ones that truly drive the stations forward and produce these great results. We have been having a meteoric rise so far, and I am confident that the best is still yet to come”.

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