Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to both of my friends:

Nor Madia Khalid
Mohd Khairi Mohd Shukor

May Allah bless you people!!!

remember i will always love you no matter what!! =)

p/s: their birthday is on 23rd May... lambat post=busy!!


Heh... rindu sama ini budak...

-donnoe ZIKRI-

Ahmad Farhan Ab. Karim

Alhamdulillah telah selamat menjalani pembedahan tulang belakang

Semoga cepat sembuh der... heh

p/s: get well soon... bole lepak2 mcm biasa... May Allah bless you!! Ameen..!!!

Kekasih Alam Maya

dia adalah bekas kekasih hatiku
dia merupakan org yg selalu ada ketika aku memerlukan
tapi dalam waktu tertentu dan waktu itu begitu singkat
dia terlalu baik bagi ku
aku rasakan kehadirannya ketika itu
oh aku rindu saat dan detik itu
tatkala kami sedang hangat 'bercinta'
bercinta di alam maya

ohh kekasihku..

Wan Nurfarihah aka Wayah...

p/s: segera makcik entri utk aku pliz!!! =D

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Please people ask me this "what do you want for your birthday?"


i would say...

a new-complete-nice Golf Set

I know my birthday is like thousand miles away from ampg (perumpamaan) =D
lama lagi kott...
but at least you guys alert, this is what i want for my birthday...

I don't mind whether it is...

as long as new and complete.. (demanding)


i don't think my father will go and read my blog..

i wish he would... =(

my existing golf set dh x best... sigh..

p/s: best along dpt DIGIcam !!!


what TGIF stands for???



"Thank God its FRIDAY"

p/s: have you ever been in the real TGIF??? unlike me... i haven't been there even ONCE... nvm... my top list want-to-go-restaurant would be Wong Solo... pecal lele... =D

What's wrong with me

What is wrong???
I know I am not good enough
Flaws... here and there.. and there,there ouh here..
A lot!!!

1000Flaws - 1 Good = NOT enough!!
is my calculation correct??
cikgu blame me please...
i failed my +math during my highschool

I am a Muslim
but people said, my Muslim is x enough
I can't be a good husband and a good father
what more A Mujahadah <--- is my spelling correct
ouh I failed my english during spm jugak!!
byknya flaws!!

ada lagi laaa... ishh..
I'm ugly... terrible face and outfit
pemalas!! gemok!!!
ouh eat+sleep=my expertise!!
bored... aihh
I heart cursing... my habits


A TRUE muslim
good looking... appearance??? tiptop!!
SWEET talker.. too bad I love benda2 masam
nice smell -my fragrance??? Danau Kota mari...
BRILLIANT --- me? -Ignorant

world is unfair...
appearance comes 1st
then only they try to look at other parts...
too BAD...

Saya... Awak

Saya suka, saya teruja
Tetapi saya risau
Awak datang, saya buat bodoh
Awak lari, saya biar
Saya rasa rugi biar awak mcm itu
Sebab awak baik

Saya sedar, saya kejar
Saya dapat, awak perasan
Saya cuba, awak bagi peluang
Tapi awak banyak tanya
Awak banyak ragu
Saya diam
Awak menang

Awak ragu lagi
Saya cuba tahan
Awak lari
Saya pujuk
Awak kata kedua
Saya kata terima kasih
Saya cuba
Awak tak nampak
Awak bodohkan saya

Saya terasa bodoh
Sebab saya perasan
Awak kata saya banyak main
Saya cuba tahan
Tapi awak degil
Awak kata tidak
Saya akur

Saya jalan 10 tapak
Awak merantau 1000km
Awak berjaya
Saya terkandas
Awak kata kawan
Saya tak percaya
Mungkin awak betul
Saya salah

Saya harap awak dapat apa yang awak nak


"Tatkala seseorang sedang mendendangkan lagu diatas pentas, maka datanglah pemuda/pemudi ke arah individu itu lalu memberikan sekuntum bunga..."

ini bukanlah riwayat atau mana-mana hadith.
tapi ini hanyalah perbuatan yg sgt klise dan saya tidak suka melihatnya... =D


Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm giving up...

It may sound hopeless, fruitless or desperate. But the truth is I'm not that pathetic. After what I had gone through these few days, weeks, months, I think this is the right time for me to move on. I know my presence is such a waste. You people don't even need me. You can fly as high as you can.

For certain people, this may sound ridiculous. They might say this is nothing. Am I exaggerating about my feeling? Nahhh I don't think so. I know myself better than you do, so please stop judging me. You are not in my shoes, so better keep your mouth shut. Okay?? Peace!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

After all...

I glanced through
I found you
You acknowledged
I came near you
You reacted

We were good
I knew you well
But you knew me little

You told me
I listened
You were in need
I helped
You asked me to hold
I kept it

Now it's broken
You claimed
I defend

After all...
Life is not as easy as what we thought

p/s: this is not new. I've created it before. its just a re-post entry.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mode: Relief+Happy

My life's been so hard these few days back
I've been distracted with crucial stuff
I learned to be somebody who is way not me
Thank God, things went smoothly

I never expect so much from you
I never felt this way before
I never wanted you to become one
All I need is only your existence

Your presence is a way of happiness.
Please don't change
Just stay the way you are
Promise I will never let you down

True friendship will endure

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to
Puan Zakiah Yahaya

Mother is the only BEST FRIEND in this WORLD.
No one can fulfill the place of a MOTHER.
Everyone should know the importance of Mother.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Old Good Times

I never felt this way. Boring+benci+lapar+sangap+regret+blah blah blah...

I'm not in a very very good condition. I made a mistake and I regret of what I have done. I ruined everything. Mampus aaaa... I don't like this situation, this feeling...


Teringat old good times with them... yes them!! everything was good time tu... miss those moments.. sumpit!!!

And I miss my TT... I know I've been away lately but it doesn't mean aku lupa kat korg... you guys are always be in my heart forever... I will try find times for us lepak2 and chill2 k...

Sigh... blur blur blur...

If I could turn back time... that would be great enn en en...


aku dh mula merapu, better stop now..

what you need to know, I never wanted this to happen.. it just comes naturally without plan.. I know Ive made a big mistake and I am sorry for that... now its all in your hands... kick me out, throw me away if that things could answer my apology...

Fat is adorable!

Some people say fat is cute.
Some might say fat is unhealthy.
Others say fat shows your happiness.
What say you about F.A.T???

p/s: Ouh God, if you cannot make me thin, please make my friends fat!!! - big sigh


Before I met you I never knew what it was like,
to look at someone and smile for no reason.

I never had been this honest to anybody else in this world.
I am just telling you what I feel. Like I said, I owe you an apology.
And I am really sorry about it.

VI Sports Day 2010

Event: Victoria Institution Sports Day 2010
Date: 8th May 2010
Venue: VI Green, Victoria Institution Jalan Hang Tuah KL
Time: 2pm - 7pm

p/s: Go S.A.S!!! rumah sukan ku... =D

Happy Birthday Mas!!!

heh... lama gila tak update blog ni. Walaupun birthday Mas dh lepas lama 18th April, tp nk wish jugak kat sini. Heh.

Happy Birthday Masriana Rasila
Always pray the best for you!!!

Best gila mas dpt dress, jam tangan and ros putih


p/s: coming up, birthday Ateh 23rd May =)