Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Words say too much, Love comes in silence

I hope it is not too late to wish u again and over again 'Selamat Pengantin Baru' to my beloved friend Illyana Muzliza Muzaffar and her beloved hubby Muhammad Faiz bin Dato' Abu Bakar (sorry its kinda late to make an entry abt you guys.Quite busy lately ... heee)

Below is a thankful wedding speech by the Bride; Illyana Muzliza Muzaffar (Imm)

This note is more like a 1000-word karangan, so please excuse the length! You may skip to the personal thank yous if you’d like to ;)

First off, I apologise for not responding to your messages, text smses, PMs, photo tags and whatnot; I wasn’t really available after the wedding, y’see :p BUT when I finally got myself on the phone and Facebook, I was tremendously overwhelmed by all the wonderful messages I received! I was truly happy <3>THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! It was amazingly joyous to see familiar faces again! Again, I apologise for not being able to tend to most of you personally masa malam Sabtu tu, but trust me; I remember how gorgeous each of you looked that night :)

Onto some personal thank yous:

To MMU-ians,
Woot! You guys are seriously THE BEST. Terharu gila masa nampak muka korang semua. To the ladies, you were drop dead gorgeous! I heard that some of you beli baju baru, ei ei? :p To the dudes, thank you for being such a sport! Gila handsome korang semua (especially Paan hee) :D It meant a lot for you guys to come to our wedding, especially sebab you witnessed the growth of our relationship. Who would knew that the Pontianak-wannabe (hint: hair) and the PC-repair-mat-rempit-looki
ng-dude would end up being together some day? ;) I guess sekarang ni it’s our turn to receive wedding invitation cards! :D *kutip kutip*

To my fellow BBGS ladies,
We haven’t met for like, 5 years? All of you looked wonderful! I was seriously happy to see you again! :* Someone mentioned that it was like a Renion Party, so I was glad to be part of it. Thank you, thank you for coming! I hope the night was enjoyable ;)

To my “anaks” of SPAM Inc,
I guess your Mama has all grown-up eh? :D Next, it’ll be my turn to watch you guys in gorgeous dresses and suits, no matter how long it’ll take. I’m proud to be part of the team, and thank you so much for coming to the wedding ;_; I got on to Facebook on Monday morning and saw the OSM camwhore-notes you guys posted. I found it very personal so I actually wept when I saw them. But anyhoo :p Nanas, you actually applied make-up and ditched your assignment just to attend my wedding? 8D

To the darling boys of VI,
Khairil, Chiam, Am and Ikmal; words cannot express how thankful I am to be friends with you. I’m sorry I couldn’t layan you that much, and thank you for coming to the wedding. Khairil, mana Jong-joing Inai you promised? And Chiam, you looked dashing in the blue baju melayu! :D

To my gorgeous Bridesmaids,
Farah, Michelle, Mia, Aina, Timei, Ekeen, AJ, Gina and Aya; Seriously, words cannot describe how thankful I am. You held my hand when I was scared during Nikah night, and each of you smiled, telling me that everything would be okay… it was priceless. I’m happy that you were part of the biggest event in my life. I love you all, seriously <3>To respective Photographers,
Rusdi (and Rio?), Alep and the Kameradansa crew, thank you for being our eyes! I adore the preview pictures you took and I’m waiting patiently for the rest of the photos~ :D :D Thanks again! You guys were aweeeesoooooome, so have some free advertising!

And lastly, to my super awesome Hubby; thank you for always believing in me. :)

Again, THANK YOU all so, so very much. ILU <3>


p/s: Pictures- Courtesy of Uncle Amy

Monday, March 1, 2010


I believe it is not too late to wish

Selamat Pengantin Baru

to Kak Ijue and Abg Jimi!!

"Two souls with but a single thought
Two hearts that beat as one"

p/s: Picture: Courtesy of Azrizan Shahabuddin

C.Ronaldowh and Parit Hiltonne

Terpanggil apabila melihat gmbr Encik Cris. Ronaldowh dan Cik Parit Hiltonne... Aihh.. byk2 gadis diluar sana kenapa mesti Cik Parit Hiltonne ni... too BAD...

p/S: Cik Parit has a great body kott.. or $$$$$$$ of dollars... But Encik Ronaldowh pown apa kurang nya??? kaya pe... =D

Devil wears Prada

I never thought of meeting this kind of people in my entire life. Sumpah!! but few days-months-even years back I have found One!! this guy is totally BASTARD..!!! I could say he is an Evil... a BIG Evil with human cute face(self pro-claimed of course) ... ouh please don't under estimate him... He is so damn good in destroying people's Life (gifted probably)... serious fcuk!!..

p/s: sorry guys, i coudnt find the devil man with big-loose body

Imal please stop cursing!!!

been there, done that =o