Saturday, May 22, 2010

What's wrong with me

What is wrong???
I know I am not good enough
Flaws... here and there.. and there,there ouh here..
A lot!!!

1000Flaws - 1 Good = NOT enough!!
is my calculation correct??
cikgu blame me please...
i failed my +math during my highschool

I am a Muslim
but people said, my Muslim is x enough
I can't be a good husband and a good father
what more A Mujahadah <--- is my spelling correct
ouh I failed my english during spm jugak!!
byknya flaws!!

ada lagi laaa... ishh..
I'm ugly... terrible face and outfit
pemalas!! gemok!!!
ouh eat+sleep=my expertise!!
bored... aihh
I heart cursing... my habits


A TRUE muslim
good looking... appearance??? tiptop!!
SWEET talker.. too bad I love benda2 masam
nice smell -my fragrance??? Danau Kota mari...
BRILLIANT --- me? -Ignorant

world is unfair...
appearance comes 1st
then only they try to look at other parts...
too BAD...