Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nice Video - Michael Jackson Medley

I found this video in my friend's blog (Wai Yee's blog). This video is awesome. Thought of sharing it to all of you.

It sang by a guy named Sam Tsui and the songs arrangement was done by Kurt Schneider. Cool huh??!!

This is fucking amazing right. The sound sounded like a group of choir. Together with Bass Tenor Soprano and Alto reverberation.

It reminds me of my choir group when I was in VI. Superb!!!

Good Job Brother!!

p/s: His voice was awesome!!


  1. series best nak mampos.. mantap gile.. aku mmg layan abes la.. thanx bro for sharing this video..

    tpkan wondering, diorg ni pakai mcm gay je.. huhu..

    but again, gila best..

  2. was awesome kan?? but..

    1. mcm kau justify the way they dressed like gays
    2. they are 'him'. only 1 person maa dlm video ni.all the same person. =)