Thursday, October 21, 2010


I think I don't have to talk much about this unbelievable-weird-funny-act of my asshole (refers to KS). He just found his new interest: BLOGGING (since he is now officially unemployed). So below are some criticism of his new-baby-lame blog that need to be criticized. hahaha.. enjoyy!!!!!!!

presenting "a twist in my story" with tag line "a lil bit of my twisted life" -BIG WTF!!

fyi he loves reading blog with full english. (malay+english=rojak) is big No No!!

he claims himself as a fucking straight guy?? its so doubtful!!
i know him better than u do!!

'me'?? dude that is so adik-adik!! hahaha

and this is my asshole!!! hahaha

p/s: amacam??? bestt?????

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