Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cook for Iftar

This morning before leaving house for class, I've decided to stay at Uia tonight cause at night I've got discussions with my colleagues. So I packed all my stuff including my lappy. My mom asked me "Tido Uia ke malam ni?" then I said "Haah kot" ...with 'kot' following behind it shows that aku pun not sure whether to stay at Uia or not. =)

Today my class finished at 3.30. One of my friend asked me "Mcm mana beb, jadi ke discussion mlm ni?" then I said "Not sure yet la cause I'm thinking of going back" . Haha kata nk stay Uia.. Freak tho!! "Ok anything just inform me" my friend said.

On the way back, Sarah called me. "Babe meh la dtg Waizuri, kita buka sama2. Naj ngn Baby pun ada". Then I said "Hurm see 1st kay". For me it's too early kot nk break fast kat luar with friends. Yes my priority is Family. [Family comes first]

I reached home around 4pm. Sampai2 terus masuk bilik my mom cause she called me. My mom was not feeling well. Batuk2 and headache sikit. Then I asked my mom "Mama you nak I masak ke?" then my mom said "Takpe Mama boleh masak". Gigih jugak nk masak tho xsihat.

After few minutes, my mom called me and she asked me to masak for Iftar today. Then I asked my mom "what do we have in fridge?" my mom said "daging" Hurm.. I had no idea what to cook. The my mom said "masak yg simple2 je like sup daging". Then I said "takpelah I nak masak Daging Black Pepper".. Yes I cooked Daging Black Pepper cause it's simple and easy.

During Iftar..

Baba : Siapa masak ni??
Imal : I lah masak.
Baba : Bukan kakak masak ke??
Mama : Imal yg masak. Sedap kan!
Baba : Hurm not bad!!
Imal : Blushing.. =P

There people... today in history tau. I cooked for my family during Ramadhan. For Iftar some more. I feel so impressive to myself cause I cooked for them in Ramadhan. Masak without rasa. Main belasah je ekceli. Then point is, feel happy cause I could help my mother to cook for Iftar. Now she totally can rely on me. Peace!!

p/s: so Margaret I've got one of the ciri-ciri tambahan. hoho =p

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