Friday, August 28, 2009


Just now I had a discussion with my friends at Uia. Next week dh start midterm exams, so I have to get ready by now. Otw back home, I called Borhan and asked for lepak together with Hadi. They were not available. So no lepak-lepak tonight. Hehe.

Reached home straight away sit in front of my lappy. Like usual Facebook-ing, blogging, chatting and etc. Ouh yeah I had great talk with my old friend; Wan NF. Discussed a bit abt our Iftar+Reunion.

Tak sabar rasanya. Ouh yeah for this Reunion me, Wan NF and Borhan would be the masterminds. Hoho. Few places suggested by Borhan, Wan NF and me. Not decide yet where would be the place. [beli kat bazar and makan kat kantin sekolah - Wan's suggestion] Haha..

Chatting, Fb-ing and blogging sampai x sedar dh time sahur. Huhu. We had Ayam Golek and Bubur Lambuk for sahur. Like usual I ate a lot. Huhu. Tak tau lar, this time Ramadhan aku mmg mkn byk. Tapi Alhamdulillah berat x naik malah reduce 2kgs weyh. Haha.

Today we gonna have our Iftar at Red Com Kelana Jaya. Hadi invited us to join Red Com break fast with anak-anak yatim. InsyaAllah we'll be there. Huhu

p/s: xtdo lagi. tgh tunggu Azan Subuh. Afta subuh then only I can tidur kaw kaw punye. Today got no class. Cuma ada discussion lagi afta Jumaat Prayer. Taraaaa....!!!


  1. yea we did! we really hd a grt chat lasnite! haha.. sgt hepi sembg smlm. tdo kul 4.30 kot =D
    all thx 2 u n an for ur effort, finding a nice place for us to reunite. so far ak kire cncai2 ade dlm 15 org nk join. xpe an da wt event invitation tu kt fb kn. nnt lg sng nk tgk sape yg btol knfem nk g. so, nk reserve meja bile ni? nk dorg knfem latest by hari _____?

  2. latest by hari isnin kot.... nnt an update kat fb...

    btw wan ur blog x leh nk masuk.pvt konon..poraahhh