Saturday, August 22, 2009

Things Ive done before Ramadhan

Ahlan Wasahlan ya Ramadhan. There are few things that I have done b4 Ramadhan came..

1. Karaoke session
Last week on Tuesday, ive got message from Borhan. He asked me to join him and Hadi Karok. Since that week was the last week before Ramadhan, so I decided to go je lar. I asked Sarah, Farah n Naj to join. We had so much fun Karok together. -Karok : Karaoke

2. Sushi King time
The next day pulak, which on Wednesday. My friend Nida asked me out. "Ikmal jom makan sushi, lama gila x makan sushi. Jom lar before puasa". Yes we went to Sushi King KLCC. We ate a lot. My friend Nida, ouh she loves sushi so much, so do I. hehe

3. Family gathering
My mom asked all of us for a Dinner. She said "Jom makan2 before puasa". We planned to eat at Nelayan Restaurant. Since we have it on Wednesday night, then I said to my mom "Ma cannot la.. jauh. Im from uia, the next day I got exams n program." Yes the next day i've got 2 exams and in the evening i've got a program with IIUM Peers. Taknak spoil kat mood semua org, we have it at Pizza Hut je. Hoho. -kesian semua org, mkn pizza je.. =)

4. IIUM Peers program
Sharing Moment program for Engineering Students conducted by IIUM Peers and collaborated with Counseling Services Department of IIUM. Last week i got called from my adviser, "Ikmal get ready, next week Sharing Moment u will be the MC ok". So I was the MC for Sharing Moment program. It wasn't that hard cause dh selalu jadi MC. The program went smoothly. Alhamdulillah...

p/s: No pictures taken. No phone No camera No picture..!! damn

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