Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dinner @ Intai Intai

I've heard about this one restaurant called Intai Intai from my friends. My mom also told me about that restaurant. She knew it from the show called 'Jalan Jalan Carik Makan' at TV3. So we decided nk try dinner kat Intai Intai ini together with Baba. Ouh yeah, the owner of this restaurant is Encik Baha, one of the teacher in AF 1 -if i'm not mistaken.

These are the food we ate at Intai Intai..

Nasi Goreng Thai - RM 9.00

Nasi Goreng Intai Intai Special - RM 10.80

Nasi Goreng Seafood - Rm9.80

Overall, the food was not that good, and not that bad la. For me it's biasa-biasa je. The environment ok la sket kot. Not like 'typical malay restaurant'. It's ala-ala Bora Ombak, Tupai Tupai and Kunang Kunang la... I can't explain much further sbb xtau nk describe plus xamik gmbr pun sbb dh malam, xnmpk apa. Kalau nk try, cuba lah sendiri.

Location : MRR2 -heading to Ampang, behind the Honda.


  1. la...mkn nasik goreng je? smpi rm9 sepinggan? baik dtg umh aku, aku masakkan nasik goreng lagi sedap!! murah je aku caj, rm5.. kodah save rm4 dah!...ade bran??

  2. apakah makan umah mmbe pun kene bayar meh???