Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back then

Tak tahu lah, sekarang ni dh mula trend tag menge'tag' gmbr-gmbr lama ketika dibangku sekolah. Few of my friends have been doing the same thing. There are few pictures of mine telah di'tagged' by them in my FB account. Bila tengok2 balik 'sumpah cam sakai' dowh.. Haha. I have a lot of my oldies pictures when I was in school age but I don't feel like scanning those pictures and download it in. Not the time yet. Haha. So below are some of my pictures tagged by my friend. And obviously I look so naive and sengal in those pictures. Demit!! Haha.

This picture was taken in 1998. I was in standard 6 (6 Raya)

Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Tasik Ampang.

My Study Group (standard 6)

from left (behind) : inaz, ena, intan, fara, byda and ayu

from left (front) : imal, nuar, rusdi and an

Form 3, 2001. See how burok I was. Now?? Even worst I know!

Taken right after we finished our PMR

p/s: Gonna share a lot soon!! wait ar...

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