Monday, August 24, 2009

Flirting or being friendly???

I drove car from Ampang to Gombak. Yes I need to go to the class (what friends from other universities all graduated already and there are some yang dah convo pun. Me?? I'm still in the class...sighs) Cut the crap. I just wanna share something that I have listened to the radio this morning. Something that guys and girls should know…

I was listening to the radio ( while driving. There is one fella sent an email to and he wants people to discuss and give suggestions how to overcome his problem. The story begins here...

The guy had this one girlfriend. They were good friends. And later after quite some times, the girl realized that she had some feeling towards this guy. The girl said that, she's been treated so nice by this guy like special one in which actually to this guy, it doesn't work like that. He never meant to play around with the girl's feeling because for him, they were just friends. The sender needs all to discuss about this matter. So the topic need to be discussed was "how to differentiate between flirting and being friendly"...

So many callers called and these are among of the suggestions...
1st caller : No touch between girl and guy. Otherwise they might feel something flowery.
2nd caller : No deeply eye contact to women while you have serious talk with her.
3rd caller : Less going out/dating together (only both of you)
4th caller : The guy should tell the truth ; we're just friends.

So people, what do you think??? Well it depends on how you are going to overcome this problem, your individual perspective. From my observation, the guy shouldn't treat the girl so damn special until the girl is falling for you. And for women, do not jump into it so easily. Men are men, women are women. I know it wasn't your intention to love or to be loved, it's just came naturally. I understand.. But on top of that, please do not ruin your friendship. (This gonna be something that you will regret soon) Let it remains as it is.

p/s: Yes I miss those moments.. =) peacenowar

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