Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ghosts of the Victoria Institution Boys School

"To be a Scholar, a Sportsman and a Gentleman" is the motto of the Victoria Institution, a high-achieving English school for boys in Malaysia, and also one of the oldest.

It dates back, in fact, to 1893 and boasts an illustrious history of academic and sporting excellence. Traditional principles and ideals are still maintained there and the pristine, white buildings have been impeccably preserved and restored - including those that were used by the Japanese during the World War II occupation as administration buildings.

It is said that the execution of war prisoners was carried out here, and students have described hearing chains rattling, a platoon marching and horrible cries during the night.

The shadow of a hanged man suspended from a tree in the courtyard is said to be visible on occasion, and some boys have even claimed to have been woken by a ghostly figure standing over their beds, staring at them.

Written by larapiegeler.

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