Sunday, August 30, 2009

Iftar with 3R

Yes yesterday (Friday) we had 'buka puasa' with 3R at RedComm Kelana Jaya. Special thanks to Hadi for special invitation. The 'buka puasa' with 3R is actually for penonton bertuah from 3R shows every week. But since Hadi is one of the crew production, so he invited us to join the crowd.

Malas nk cerita panjang cause my friend had already posted the update at his blog. You can get the update by clicking here. Overall the event went smoothly and superb. We had fun to the max. 3R punya host yakni Rafidah, Tini and Celina mmg best. Kecoh sgt. The ex-host 3R Azah also came and she was totally crazy-laugh laugh and laugh!! Singer Ezlyn also joined the event as a Guest Artist that night.

So these are the pictures taken during the event...

p/s: Thanks ye Hadi.
Ralat : Not Iftar with anak yatim. Salah dengar..

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