Monday, July 6, 2009

Great Weekend

Last saturday mmg hari yg agak memenatkan...kenapa?? lets check it out... =)
Old Town
Friday nite, an texted me. He asked me to join him meet up with our old old friends at Old Town. Then i said; yes!! The next day he picked me up around 10.30am. We reached Old Town around 11am together with Asya.
An bagi tau, Intan dan Ayunie nk jumpe. Ajak sembang2 since dh lama x jumpe kwn2 lama. So few minutes after lepak with them, Adi Aizat memunculkan diri. We lepak n sembang2 like hell from 11am until 2pm. Huh!! lama gila. All cerita 10 years back dicerita balik. And still ingt our Study Group with them. Best sgt!! so to Nuar, Ena, Fara dan lain2 baca entry ni jgn jeles ye, nnt kita catch up yg lain2 plak. Sgt rindu dgn my Study Group..huhu. So ini update terbaru mereka =)
Imal - Taken
Farhan - Single
Rusdi - N/A
Annuar - Engaged
Azreena - Married
Farah -Married
Intan -Single
Ayunie - Taken
Old Town Ampang
Adi Aizat and Ahmad Farhan
Ashalina, Intan Bazilah and Siti Ayunie
Times Square, Sungei Wang and Low Yatt Plaza
After balik dari Old Town, I had to rush balik rumah cause my parents dh tunggu nk hang out together plak. We went to TS, Sg Wang and Low Yatt for shopping. Hoho. Pergi Sungei Wang sbb nk beli my Skate. Dah lama gile nk beli Skate x dpt2, at last last saturday dpt gak. Before that ada gak survey at other places, ends up beli kat Skateline Sg. Wang at 3rd floor. My skate is among the cheapest as compared to others yg cecah abt rm7++. Mine is rm265. Ouh yeah kat 3rd floor tu ada tmpt main skate. Mcm kat Sunway Pyramid tu. But not ice one la..yg normal one punya. And nnt August ada Skateline event. For more details u can log on to Then we ate at this one kiosk at Sg. Wang before we proceed to shop at Low Yatt Plaza.

My new Skate

Dekat Low Yatt at first pergi2 survey lappy cause my dad wants to buy a new lappy. Dptla beli lappy Compaq dgn harga yg murah kot. Dulu time awal2 beli my lappy quite expensive jugak. Compaq dgn processor Core2Duo kot abt rm2000++ without installation the software. I brought up my lappy as well sbb nk reformat. We went to the same kedai time beli my lappy dulu. Then i asked the guy to reformat my lappy. Guess what, how much is the cost to reformat my lappy?? Its rm300!! So my dad kata buat je lah. Not only that, the new lappy that we bought also kene install the windows right, same it cost us rm300 each. So for both lappy equal to rm600 for the windows installation. Sumpah mahal!! I also bought my external hardisk. The best part abt my external is, its white color!! huhu


Buffalo External Hardisk

Then after habis membeli-belah dah makan2 di Low Yatt, kitorg terus menuju ke Times Square cause we parked our car there. We had to park our car at TS sbb jalan dpn Sg. Wang tu tutup. Damn rite?? We have to jalan quite far la dgn mendokong Hariz (tomei tangat) yg asik2 letih.. =) We reached home around 9pm.

Mont Kiara
Around 9.30pm plak, afta freshen up sket2, then I went out lagi. This time with An, Along and Kak Dira. Walaupun penat, keluar jugak ngn budak2 ni. Pergi chill2 n lepak kat mamak high class Mont Kiara. Mula2 pergi area Solaris, but since it was Saturday nite, maka penuh dgn manusia2. Jadi we went to this new place not that far from Solaris but still best n superb la that place. It was not like an ordinary mamak tau, ni mamak yg best. Hoho. We ate Burger Indo Mee, Nasi Goreng Ayam and also Roti Tisu. Omg die punya Nasi Goreng Ayam was so damn fcukin expensive. Its rm7. Can u imagine that?? Tapi sumpah sedapla.. Huhu. Its worth investment rite Kak Dira. Haha.

Nasi Kandar Bestari

Clean and clear

Nasi Goreng Ayam - RM7.00

Burger Indo Mee - Superb

Thats all my activities last Saturday. Yeah it was a tiring day but i had fun!! The next day, on Sunday I went to Bukit Jalil for Cheer 2009. I will update abt the Cheer 2009 after this k. Keep waiting. Huhu. Gtg.. ciou..!!!!! =)

p/s: among my buzziest weekend. Sighs!!!

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  1. roflol..reformat lappy for 300? what the **** kedai tuh..haha...

    hey, kat taman putra (paragon), cost u 50 only..but depends on la..if buat sendiri pon senang je mal..