Friday, July 10, 2009

Its proven..

Pagi ni aku terbangun dikejutkan oleh message Kak Dira...

"Congrats VI menang..yeay!!" (World Marching Band Competition, Mondena Italy)

And aku reply msg Kak Dira nk tahu kepastian. Then she replied...

"Tadi dengar radio.. I cried... Hot FM siap congrats VI lagi.."

Motif nk nangis??? Kak Dira mmg Ratu Drama

Then I straight away text Mama Mirul just nak confirm the news. (walaupun dalam keadaan mengantuk). Then she replied...

"Yes 1st place. DCI pun kalah. This year judges masuk padang run in between participants. VI kene comment on lack of face expression. The team enjoy the trip very much"

I replied..

"Ouh. They were surely very damn good sampai DCI pun kalah dgn VI..."

Then she replied..

"Auntie tak pernah tgk their full show but according to b.booster, they played with full of spirit sampai meremang bulu roma.."

Tiba-tiba Kak Dira msg lagi..

"Long Live VI.. ha apasal akak pun budak VI.. joint program dgn Gombak Setia.."

wtf??? hahahaha..

Well its proven. Vi dah proved something. So ppl, I think uve got the answer. "why VI didn't compete this year (in KL comp)"--due to reason VI afraid lost to St.John????NO SUCH THING

p/s: Latest update will see u soon.

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