Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cheer 2009

Ouh this year Cheer comp mmg best. Crowd yg gempak, all the supporters, students, parents sume sporting belaka. Cheer comp mmg dpt sambutan year by year. This year, Cheer 2009 memperlihatkan byk team baru yang join. Not bad. They are good!!
The best part in Cheer 2009 was, byk team lelaki yg dh join cheer. Don't feel bad cause team lelaki yg join cheer this year bukan yg patah2, they quite tough. Their rountines pun best.
Overall cheer activities kat Malaysia ni dh makin mantap. And this year, they are celebrating their 10th anniversary of cheer comp. Congrats to all the sponsors Star, Silkygirl, 8tv etc.
Mcm biasa bila cheer comp je, there are few teams yg aku tunggu2 nk tgk performance dorg. They are Shirtliff from SBU, Xavier from CBN and Dynamitez from Damansara Jaya. These teams are among the fav team la.
Last year in Cheer 2008, Shirtliff jadi champ. 1st runner up dpt kat Dynamitez. And the worst part was Xavier hanya boleh berpuas hati ditempat ke-5. Tapi last year CBN dpt best supporters.
This year, as expected Shirtliff buat yang terbaik. Mereka agak presure sbb nk pertahankan kejuaraan. FYI shirtliff dh 5 kali kot jadi champ dlm cheer comp. For Dynamitez plak last 2 years dorg dh penah jadi champ, so this year nk rebut balik gelaran champ.
But this year punya result agak mengejutkan lah. Terkejut sbb x sangka Dynamitez dpt placing mcm tu. And yg weirdnya ada kategori yg xperlu dipertandingkan pun. And also team lelaki xdpt placing pun walhal routine dorg sgtlah mantap.
So terus kepada result sbb xpandai sgt nk komen lebih2 pasal cheer ni. Komen pun based on my observation je. These are the results.
Special Awards:
Best Showmanship - Pirates
Best New Comer - Worriorz
Best Dress Award - Calyx
Silky Award - Falcon
Best Make Up:
2nd runner up - Blitzers
1st runner up - Calyx
Champ - Blazzers
5th Place - Dynamitez
4th Place - Titans
2nd runner up - Calyx
1st runner up - Shirtliff
Champion - Blitzers
p/s: Tak percaya sbb Dynamitez dpt 5th place. Upset sbb Shirtliff x dpt champ. Weird sbb Xavier x dpt placing at all. Congrats to Blitzers form SMK BU4 [Bandar Utama]

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