Saturday, July 18, 2009

Harry Potter?? - Banned!!!

"watch 1st then only u know how suck the harry potter and the half blood prince is"

i went out to watch this movie with my friends last nite. it wasnt my idea to watch this movie cause i don't really like harry potter but i'd prefer narnia instead.

we watched this bloody lame movie at times square. amazingly the house was full. ramai gile nk tgk harry potter. come on, ppl's expectation mmg very high for a good movie like this. plus they are dying to know how the Dumbledore is going to die. but unfortunately it was not reach the expectation at all. not even reach the par.upset kan...

dgn keadaan cinema tu yg mcm $#%#^@%^. dh la cerita boring, tgh tgk2 tu monitor blank for abt 3 minutes. semua dh bising nk refund balik the ticket. afta 3 minutes, monitor dh ok balik, tp diteruskan dgn babak lain. Semua cam boikot sbb nk ulang dr yg blank td. Then it took abt 10 mins nk betulkan the damage. meanwhile org ada yg g toilet dan ramai jugak yg terus blah balik. balik sbb tension dgn cinema tu disamping cerita yg sgt suck.

overall this time harry potter mmg suck!!! i can give -5 stars for this movie.

p/s : Harry Potter Banned!!!!!

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