Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Huh!! Watched it last night. It was so so lar. Not even reach my expectation. It's kinda Love Story. Tak banyak fight scene pun. Yes I don't read the book. Haha.

Bella is confused in New Moon. Edward lost. Jacob is haunting for love from Bella. Alice the problem solver. Heh.

Overall New Moon agak slow as compared to Twilight. Twilight best sbb baru nk perkenalkan all the cast. A lil bit upset but satisfied cause dpt tgk kesinambungan Twilight. Nak baca buku die mmg x lar. I don't do reading. Hehe.

p/s: Can't wait for Eclipse =)

Robert Pattinson definitely seems a bit bulkier in this movie although I was a bit put off by a weird bruise or hickie that he had during a scene with his shirt off. Hopefully it was just a fluke because you would think someone would have put makeup on it or something. Of course as you expect in the movie you do not see much of the Cullen clan period but they make a impact none the less. More or less they stuck pretty decently to the original “story” when it came to the vampire family.

Kristen Stewart’s performance was exactly as expected, drab, boring and moody exactly what Bella is supposed to be right? I have to admit though I could not see Bella Swan in any form regardless.

Taylor plays Jacob Black in the movie, a crucial character and storyline that shapes the next 2 books because not only is he a werewolf but he is in love with Bella, his pack of werewolf friends are not only his brothers but his enemies as well when it comes to his feelings towards Bella and her reputation to run with vampires.

Ashley Greene’s performance as the pixie-esque vampire Alice Cullen who also has visions adds some much needed animation to the film. However I was extremely disappointed that they had to chop up some of her parts as well.

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