Monday, November 30, 2009

Team Edward vs Team Jacob

I bet most of you have already watched the sequel of Twilight: New Moon. A voice out says it was boring. The sequel is more like Love Story instead. Haha. They most talking about Bella, Jacob and little bit about Edward. Basically it's a love story between Bella & Edward. New comer Jacob is haunting for love from Bella. Well there are two teams been setting up; Team Edward and Team Jacob. Which team is you prefer most???

The Debate

Young Rob (Edward Cullen)

Taylor Lautner plays Jacob Black

Does this make you change your mind?? Hahaha...
turn off??? sighs

This is the climax part when they are trying to compare the abs.
Well you know which team is winning.

"Does my being half-naked bother you"

Which team are you in now??? Team Edward or Team Jacob?? Heh...

p/s: Huh.. Lets have poll between Alice and Bella... hahaha

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