Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ninja Assassin

The plan to watch movie turn out to be so irritating moment when I have to wait for almost 1 hour waiting for them to fetch me. They hit me around 10.30 sighs -1 hour late due to the massive traffic jam in mrr2. Damn!!

We rushed to OU to catch the movie. The show starts at 11.30. Memang x sempat sbb sume tmpt jam. mrr2 and also jalan ampang. Lantas BTS menjadi pilihan.

Damn. "all movie watched already" haha. Cik Mariam wanted to watch The Twilight Saga New Moon. But sorry la cause we already plan to watch it this coming friday with them. Kak Adira wanted to watch 2012. Sorry saya dh tgk. At last we chose Ninja Assassin.

Well Ninja Assassin was not bad at all. Jalan cerita menarik. Cuma apa yg buat Cik Mariam dan Kak Dira excited adalah disbbkan si Hujan. Tah sapa2 tah Hujan tu. Mata dh la sepet. Tang mana ensemnya. Well they are blind! Haha

Ini lah Hujan. He can speak Bahasa ek. "Nama saya Rain"

p/s: Go and watch Ninja Assassin. Extremely ganazz..

I was Googling to get the image of si Rain ni. Then I found some interesting picture of him...

"The transformation of Rain"
The Ninja Assassin required him to have a very masculine body to look tough and sturdy. Heh!!

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