Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Semester Begins

New semester begins. Agak tensi because few subjects gagal diperolehi. UIA nya policy cam harem sikit. Banyak budak final year mempunyai masalah yang sama. UIA memang nk hold budak lama-lama ke?? Sighs... Setakat hari ni, only 5 subjects registered.

Financial Management II
International Trade and Development
International Economics
Malaysian Economics
English for Academic Purpose

Two weeks holidays, so now dh start class. Nak ambil momentum study tu susah sikit. Whatever it is, new semester, new aim. InsyaAllah everything will be fine!! Chaiyok2!!

p/s: Oshin and Firdaus is back. So people do vote for them ek. InsyaAllah this Thursday I am gonna be at Astro again for Sehati Berdansa. Hehe

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