Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Birthday 20092009

Happy Birthday to us!! (ignore the Ape please)

'20092009' kul kan numb ni. Yeah todae is my birthday. Ada few of my friends yg celebrate bday bersama pada tarikh ini.

so I would like to wish Happy Birthday to these ppl:

1. Kak hafiz (cousin)
2. Farid Anuar
3. Nur Asyiqeen
4. Huda Zainuddin

Happy Birhday ye korg2 semua. We are lucky sbb this year's celebration best sket. The numb itself mmg best 20092009 plus it falls on 1st Syawal. So all muslims around the world celebrate our bday dgn makan ketupat, rendang etc. huhu.

p/s: this year's birthday that We shall not forget!! =)

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