Monday, September 14, 2009

guys' night + man utd won!!

after we had buka puasa with friends at Kluang Station, my friend and I straight away went to this 1 kedai mamak called Hafiz Corner. (motif lepas buka lepak kedai makan??) we had 2nd reunion lar.

after the 1st one had succeed, we moved on to 2nd chapter of reunion hosted by our old old friend Azizul Hasyim. he appointed himself as a Program Manager for this event cuz he failed to attend to the 1st reunion. after he saw all pictures taken during the 1st reunion, he got excited so he decided want to make another 1 round of reunion. but this time around only for boys. huhu.

fortunately the event conducted last saturday was ok !!..happening. we had great talk, updating each other. and yes we were also watched game btwn man utd agaisnt spurs. luckly majority of us are man utd fan! except for those who always against the crowd. huhu (damn man utd's enemies..get ur ass outta here!!) and thank God, man utd won with 3-1 score to Spurs. huhu

these are my friends who came for the 2nd reunion. reunion ke?? so called la. reunion kecil-kecilan sambil tgk bola. they are farhan, ejoy, thaha, azizul, syariff ahmad, hadi, zul husni, hafizan, alif and his girl. haa..rugi korg yg x join, xdpt tgk awek alip. hoho. Ouh yeah special thx to mr.thaha sbb die 'payung' kitorg mlm tu. huhu. Alhamdulillah rezeki dr UK. =)

p/s: sisters bila nk buat 2nd reunion. g ar lepak kedai tom yam tgk AF ke.. =)


  1. thanks sumer yg dtg.. i had a great time hanging out with u all guys.. wondering, why there is just dis pic everywhere? where are sarip's?

  2. because this is the only pic that we have.. sarip's ones are not downloaded yet kot...