Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Adebayor vs Van Persie

Robin van Persie claims that former team-mate and Manchester City striker Emmanuel Adebayor deliberately stamp on him during Arsenal’s 4-2 defeat at Eastlands.

I am sad and disappointed by my former team-mate Emmanuel Adebayor’s mindless and malicious stamp on me during today’s match.

Adebayor admits that he caught van Persie in the face with his right boot but claims that it was unintentional.

I was trying to kick the ball,” Adebayor told Sky Sports. I see him tackling and I don’t have time to take my feet back because I’m trying to kick the ball. My feet touch his head. I feel sorry for him and even straight away, and at the end of the game, I said sorry.

Adebayor = Provocation?? Naahh..that's not cool!!

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