Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day - recap

Happy V's Day for those yang celebrate it. Some people argued that it's forbidden for Muslim to celebrate it due to certain reasons. It depends on, the way you look at it. As for me, nothing much I can do to celebrate it. Because I'm single and available. Heh. I spent the 14th day of February by hibernating myself at home and doing bundle of assignments. Hehe.

There were times my friends and I celebrated the V's Day. The one that I can remember until now time study kt VI dulu. On the 14th of February, I went to school mcm biasa. 1st thing yg dpt was a kiss from my friend. Agak terkejut. She kissed me and said 'Happy Valentine's Day'.. huhu.. Nothing much I can do at the moment, but smiling. Thanks Bridget Henriette Fernando for the kiss. She also gave me a ring!! Whoahh.. Then all of us tukar2 presents. (mcm Thanksgiving plak) It was wonderful day. Sigh.. teringat plak kisah2 lama kt VI. Those days were great!!! I miss u people!!

Itu je nk share. Tiba2 teringat time Valentine kt VI. So all my fellow Victorians, in case you read this, I really2 miss u people!! swear!! Those times were really2 awesome kan?? I miss my girls Marissa, Bridget, Madia and Ayuni. =) I hope u guys are doing well in everything you do. All the best peeps!! lovlovlov =0

Ayuni, Madia, Imal, Marissa and Bridget

Even though we are like siblings but still we are FUCKABLE...!! =)
++ don't misconstrue this statement. It means we are not muhrim and still can get married to one and another

p/s: Do not steal these pictures. All these are personal collections. Thank You!!

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