Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

I had a great time with them today. We went to Cineleisure Damansara watched Valentine's Day. Haha.. scene Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner mmg comel. Bawak watak budak2 highschool yg bajet comel. Haha.. Tapi mmg lawak la part diorg.. Ouh yeah I love part The Losers; Those ppl yang tak suka V's Day sbb diorg xde partner (been dumped or they dumped their partners) Haha.. cannot tell any further, for those yg x tgk lagi nnt tak suprise plak. Overall the movie was ok la.. there are some parts yg quite boring. Depends mcm mana korg evaluate la. Tapi pelakon die hebat2 belaka aaaa... =) thanks to Aiman, Anis, Syukri, Shaira, Khairi and Mas.. we really2 had a great time together...!!!

p/s: Kakude and Eddy tak dapat join. Dorg prepare utk majlis merisik diorg hari ni (13th Feb). Btw kongratulasi ek.. we are all happy for you!! =)

never thought of sitting alone in the cinema and been surrounded with strangers!!! that was so not cool...i tell u that

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