Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shahnaz Cooper

Mrs.Shahnaz Daud Cooper
she'll be going back to UK for good.
Selamat pengantin baru.
You are now one of the Coopers.
Heh. Congrats!! -You're Welcome!! F U

Before she flies back to UK, she requested to make a video clip togther2.
Like 'cool' and 'best' she said
Unfortunately this Mrs.Cooper couldn't make it.
So we all proceed je lah.

the Video is still in progress.
Mr.Director Hadi Koh not edit yet - Anymore haha
Will be posted soon okay Mrs.Cooper.

p/s: Mr.Martin Cooper, please take care of her. She has nobody down there. We will be visiting you guys one day. InsyaAllah. =) sediakan shelter and food!!! heh

this entry has already been posted earlier. I have altered and changed the language few minutes after it had been posted with direct translation. All these for Mr. and Mrs.Cooper. kah kah kah... akutakutsimartintakpahambm

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